Friday, 5 September 2008

Coming soon: Wildscreen Film Festival

The international wildlife filmmaking event of the year is about to descend on Bristol this coming October.

Wildscreen is a Bristol-based charity who work globally to
promote the public appreciation of biodiversity and the conservation of nature through the power of wildlife imagery.

The biannual festival that Wildscreen runs is a week-long event through which film makers from around the world get together, compare their work, learn about the making of some of the best programmes from the last two years and compete to win Wildscreen awards.

The Wildscreen Film Festival Panda awards are equivalent to the Oscars for wildlife filmmaking. I was lucky enough to be selected to volunteer at Wildscreen Film Festival 2006 and introduced myself to David Attenborough at the Panda Awards.

The "Green Oscar" or Panda award

The much sought volunteer positions for Wildscreen 2008 are already filled but I believe delegates can still register on the Wildscreen Film Festival Website.

Registration gives you access to all events, talks and screenings, as well as the opportunity to enter workshops to learn more about aspects of Wildlife Filmmaking such as researching and getting commissions. There is also a brilliant video library run throughout the week giving delegates access to every Panda award entry including Life in Cold Blood's "Armoured Giants" and "The Cold Blooded Truth", as well as Expedition Guyana, "Wye": Voices from the Valley, and Meerkat Manor.

See the Wildscreen Film Festival 2006 Showreel here.

COMING SOON: Behind the scenes at Wildscreen Film Festival - a volunteer's experience!
My Favourites from Wildscreen 2006, including the Bedi Brothers' "Cherub in the Mist".


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