Monday, 1 September 2008

Galapagos and other excitements

I'm quite excited about the Galapagos series showing on National Geographic Channel on Sundays at the moment. I came across a ridiculous promo clip on youtube a while back that had me vowing never to touch the National Geographic channel again.
Cue an evening of random internet trawling and I came across the Galapagos page on the National Geographic channel website. Well who wouldn't in their boredom decide to have a laugh at some over-sensational narration?
Anyway a few minutes later and I found myself riveted. I'll admit much of it isn't new to me (I did do a zoology degree and it does repeat some of Life in Cold Blood's best moments - without the snazzy infra-red) but it's well presented and doesn't limit itself to the usual "sexy" wildlife behaviours. Despite this it does include some really interesting inter-species behaviours as well and must be commended for including many interesting facts that can be passed over in programmes such as Life in Cold Blood due to time limits. The narration is nothing like the promo and I find it a lot more likeable than that of for example Pacific Abyss (dire!). The music is also absolutely lovely.
Take a look!

(Galapagos was produced by Patrick Morris from the BBC and first aired on BBC2 in 2006. For those interested you can download the accompanying Radio 4 programme here - you will need a RealMedia player such as Real Alternative to play this file.)


Fran said...

Hi, thanks for the review. The promo does make it sound really bad. Where can I find the episodes online? Fran.

Samantha Dixon said...

Hi Fran

The National Geographic channel website is showing selected clips if that will be enough for you

..and if that's not enough try Amazon where you can buy it on DVD (used and new from £8.99!) here.

Obviously I don't condone illegal downloads but you might find a few on bittorrent if you look it up.

Thanks for your question.

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